9 of your favourite stories from the past decade

December 16, 2019 | Campus Life

MacEwan University has had a phenomenal decade and experienced so much growth (from the addition of new campus buildings to new degree programs), and in that time, we’ve been sharing those stories and more right here on MacEwan.ca/News.

To close another decade and look ahead to a new one (which will include celebrating our 50th anniversary), we made a list of our biggest — and your favourite — news stories. So pour yourself a cup of hot chocolate, sit back, relax and enjoy this look back at the past 10 years.


1. Changes to the Post-secondary Learning Act (2018)


In February 2019, legislation took effect that made MacEwan an undergraduate university under the Post-secondary Learning Act (PSLA), which led to the addition of new board members and the creation of the General Faculties Council. The creation of an alumni association is underway, and we will be able to appoint a chancellor and have the ability to award honorary degrees.

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2. Whatever happened to Little Albert? (2014)


Year after year, the mystery behind the true identity of one of psychology’s famous test subjects continues to top our list of most-read stories. In 2014, we shared the story of Dr. Nancy Digdon and Dr. Russ Powell’s research into identifying Little Albert, an infant used in John B. Watson’s 1920 study on fear conditioning.

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3. Everything Allard Hall (2017) 


We celebrated the opening of the fabulous Allard Hall, designed by the late, world-renowned architect Bing Thom and named in recognition of the Allard family’s long-standing support of the university. Two years on, the building remains an Instagram star.

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Feature image of Allard family

Allard Hall naming

Building name recognizes Edmonton philanthropists.



4. April Fool’s fun (2016)


You have always gotten a kick out of our April Fool’s stories, even when we’ve been downright cheesy (MacEwan Muffins anyone?) In 2016, we couldn’t help noting the similarities between Allard Hall’s staircases and those of a magical place in Scotland. Of course, we couldn’t fool you.

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5. Goodbye to an old friend (2017)


With the opening of Allard Hall, the Centre for Arts and Communications (formerly Jasper Place Campus) shut its doors and joined South Campus (which closed in 2014) in MacEwan’s history books. To give the orange campus a proper send off, alumni and faculty members shared their favourite memories.

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6. Connected Engaged Inspired


You like us! You really like us! We profiled faculty members and alumni about the journeys to, from and through MacEwan that led them to the incredible places they are now. One of our top profiles was on Amber Dion, assistant professor in the Bachelor of Social Work program.

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Meet our people

People who teach. People who research. People who support. People who inspire. We hear time and time again that it’s our people who make us great.




7. Innovative class concepts


From busting ghosts and talking death at literary feasts to flying drones (with your mind!) and going green in the theatre, our students take part in some pretty exciting class assignments. And there's one course that unites thousands of students across dozens of programs each year: PSYC 104. This introductory class was revamped from the age-old “prof talks, students take notes” model to one that has students engaging with each other and conducting mini-experiments in class.

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Computer Training Icon


8. Student Primer series

We started the Student Primer series to help students navigate the at times overwhelming experience of the first year at university. The series expanded to including advice on how to make the most of living in residence, tips about academic integrityadvice from other people at MacEwan and more.

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9. Our grads make us proud


We love convocation! Twice a year, we get to congratulate our newest alumni. For each ceremony, students shared their challenges, inspirations, plans for the future and their favourite moments of student life.

Meet the Spring Class of 2019.


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