How fourth-year nursing conversations led to a master's degree

September 25, 2019 | Health

By the end of my undergrad, I just wanted the rest of my career to be like fourth-year nursing. I wanted to continue having those stimulating conversations, like "how are nurses impacting the future?" In the classroom, we talked about nurses’ roles in public policy and leadership in nursing. This profession can make waves, and it's meant to take people places.

I was really empowered by those conversations and I knew right away I wanted to get a master's degree. Life happened for a couple of years — I worked and had two children — but in January 2018, I started my master's in nursing in teaching and learning at the University of Alberta. It's been challenging — in a good way!

The really big difference between learning as an undergrad and learning as a graduate is the amount of experience you have. I’ve worked in the rural emergency room in WestView Health Centre since 2013. The art of nursing, learning to balance a thousand things going on and working in stressful situations actually has taught me how to prioritize and organize when it comes to going back to school. Learning now for me is very different than it was six years ago. The experience I’ve gained in those years really brings value to my graduate studies.

— Amelia LeVoguer, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (’13)



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