Student leader believes a world without sexual violence is possible

October 8, 2019 | Campus Life, Society


Sexual violence is a hot topic on post-secondary campuses lately, but it is so much more than just a campus issue. There are many people at MacEwan who are very passionate about ending sexual violence, and creating meaningful conversation in places of higher learning is a great place to start in the fight against sexual violence.

I think a world without sexual violence is possible, and communication is key in making that happen. We need to be able to have discussions about sex positivity and healthy relationships. The more often we, as students, have these conversations, the more likely we are going to make a difference.

I’ve learned through my own experience with sexual violence, through the volunteer work I do, and through the knowledge I’ve gained on campus, that I am resilient. Everybody has that resilience in them, especially survivors of sexual violence, and it’s such rewarding work to get to a place where you’re able to help others and make a difference.”

— Aubrianna, SAMU VP Student Life and Bachelor of Communication Studies student



Sexual Violence Awareness Week

Join in a week of learning and community building through a series of exhibits, workshops and panels that promote awareness about and discussion regarding sexual violence.

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