Ending Sexual Violence campaign focuses on changing our culture and embracing the foundations of healthy relationships

October 1, 2019 | Campus Life, Health, Society

At MacEwan University, we're ending sexual violence.

Since our Ending Sexual Violence campaign began in 2015, we have discussed many things that have “no place here”: rape culture, toxic masculinity, sex shaming and victim blaming. These are attitudes and behaviours that we continue to stand up against.

In our refreshed campaign for 2019/20, we are making a shift. We will continue to change our culture while focusing on things that matter to us. We are embracing consent, respect, courage, empathy, sex positivity and support — the foundation of healthy relationships. Sexual violence has no place here, but these things do.

“I was happy to hear that this year's campaign is taking a different spin on the last one and trying to focus on more of the positive behaviours and attitudes that we want to see on campus,” says SAMU Vice-President Student Life Aubrianna Snow.

Students, staff and faculty from across campus are the faces of our campaign, representing each of the words that matter. Dr. Craig Monk, provost and vice-president, Academic, is one of the faces you will see as part of the campaign. He says that creating and maintaining a safe and supportive environment for the MacEwan community is among the most important things we can do on our campus.

“We deal with difficult issues as a university,” he says, “but we always seek to model best practices for how people engage with each other in many aspects of their lives.”

Learn more about Ending Sexual Violence during Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2019.

Consent is the foundation for healthy relationships. We have open conversations about consent because our partners’ boundaries matter to us. (Dr. Ion Bica, associate professor, mathematics; Jeannette Sabourin, InQueeries president; and Justine Dogbe, volunteer engagement and outreach coordinator)
We can be vulnerable and open without being judged. And we make space for others to do the same. We have the courage to be accountable for our actions, and to grow and learn from our mistakes. (Dr. Allan Gilliland, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Communications, and Sunny Johal, participant in the Champions of Diversity and Equity initiative)
We try to understand others’ perspectives and emotions. When we hear about experiences of sexual violence, we make sure each individual feels that they have been heard and are respected. (Dr. Kalyani Thurairajah, assistant professor, sociology, and Dr. Paul Sopcak, coordinator, Student Conduct, Community Standards and Values)
We are a diverse community. We all have different voices and needs, which is why respecting boundaries is so important. We are considerate. We listen, we care and we value different opinions, boundaries and choices. (Sumaya Hussein, MacEwan Ambassador program coordinator, and Dr. Craig Monk, provost and vice-president, Academic)
We want people to feel good and safe in their sexual relationships. We challenge shame and stigma around sex, and encourage open communication with our partners. (Aubrianna Snow, SAMU vice-president of Student Life, and Harrison Linden, Residence Life coordinator)
We are here for each other and we know that there are places and people on campus we can turn to when we need extra help. We all deserve care, compassion and safety. (Meagan Simon, Sexual Violence Response Coordinator; student Cheyenne Greyeyes-Howell; and Eyobe Melketsadik, international advisor)


Everyone deserves support

MacEwan University provides free, confidential information and support for students and employees who have been affected by sexual violence.


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