Students become the teachers as part of this year’s Fine Art Grad Show

April 12, 2019 | Arts & Culture

The year-end crunch for fine art students doesn’t involve hunching over a desk to write exams and papers. Their final project is a much more interactive experience — finding ways to best display their drawings, paintings, sculptures and intermedia (digital art, video, sound art, performance, installation and emerging art forms) and discovering how to work in a gallery space.

The Fine Art Grad Show is about putting on the biggest and best art show of their lives — so far.

Love to create? Applications are open for our Fine Art program until June 30.

On April 11, MacEwan University celebrated the culmination of the hard work and dedication that goes into being a fine art student with an opening night reception. Attendees learned about what the students have been working on during their two years in the program, as well as the highlights of that creative journey.

The grad show continues in Allard Hall’s John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery until April 20.

“I admire their courage and commitment for choosing a life in the arts – there is so much work to do and they can affect so much change for themselves and their communities through their creative skills, imagination and curiosity,” says Assistant Professor Elisabeth Belliveau, Fine Art program.

The student becomes the master...

Inspired by what they’ve learned in the program, students will also lead drop-in activities and workshops in the Mitchell Art Gallery. New for this year, the student-led activities are open to the public — just another way that the grads are learning about the community-based engagement that happens in a gallery.

“The Mitchell Art Gallery gives our fine art students an opportunity to learn best practices for public galleries, and gives them a leg up and the kind of hands-on experience they need to be able to work out of these types of galleries in the future,” says Carolyn Jervis, director of the Mitchell Art Gallery.

“Our students have an important voice in what the gallery does and helps enrich the public experiences we offer.”


Drop-in Embroidery Circle

April 12 — The drop-in embroidery circle invites participants to bring a t-shirt, jacket, patches, paperback book — anything that can be made new with a little embroidery.

Open Studio Day

April 13 — On open studio day, participants are encouraged to explore their own creativity and collaborate with others. Just bring a sketchbook and pencil.


Zine Making Workshop

April 18 — Interested in publishing as an artistic practice? Or just want to make a cool zine? Come by to learn about zines and how to make your own.


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