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October 11, 2019 | Campus Life, Health

Walk into the MacEwan University Health Centre (MUHC) and you'll see friendly staff wearing rainbow lanyards and pins announcing their pronouns. These are visible representations of the centre’s commitment to inclusivity and to providing services to all members of the community, such as ongoing health and mental health services, an STI clinic and the “Rainbow Clinic,” a unique program designed as a safe space that provides specialized, inclusive care to LGBTQ2S+ patients who study and work at MacEwan.

According to Dr. Julia Chronopolous and Nurse Jackie Koughan, champions of the Rainbow Clinic, many patients who identify as a sexual or gender minority typically access care at general healthcare clinics. But a lot of patients who identify as transgender or nonbinary may not be getting care at all because they can’t find safe places to access services or when they do find them, they don’t feel like they’re able to fully and safely share their gender identity.

“I believe every Canadian should have access to exceptional healthcare, and it bothers me when there are people already suffering injustices in our society who are then denied care,” says Julia of her inspiration to help start the Rainbow Clinic. “As doctors and healthcare providers, it’s our job to reach out and help people who are marginalized.”

That’s why the entire MUHC is designed to help all patients feel comfortable to take control of their health and be their authentic selves, and to know that they’re going to be openly welcomed by every level of the healthcare team.

Anyone at MacEwan who identifies as LGBTQ2S+ or questioning is welcome to access the health centre’s Rainbow Clinic. The MUHC is part of the Edmonton Oliver Primary Care Network, and one of its overarching goals is to give all patients access to the full gamut of care that comes with seeing a family physician, along with a broader team of dietitians, kinesiologists, mental health care workers, pharmacists, social workers and other health service providers.

The MUHC is open to all students and staff at MacEwan University. Visit the website to find out how to book an appointment for any of their services.

MacEwan University is proud to support both the MUHC and its services, including the Rainbow Clinic, as an important part of our commitment to building a healthy, inclusive, respectful and welcoming campus for all of our students and staff.



MacEwan University Health Centre

The MacEwan University Health Centre is the home for health care services for MacEwan University students, faculty and staff. Book an appointment today.

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