Street preachers, women’s hockey, captive sea lions and more are featured in The Scavenger

December 9, 2019 | Society, Campus Life


The class of journalism students who contributed to this year’s edition of The Scavenger. Photo by Jana Pruden.

Andy Trussler has coffee and a conversation with Edmonton’s Street Preacher. Shaela Dansereau gets on the ice in the fight for the future of women’s hockey. Jackson Spring turns our eyes to the “urban renewal” of Boyle Street. Sydney Upright explores life in captivity for mall sea lions.

The result? A collection of feature-length stories written, edited and published in The Scavenger by journalism students in the Bachelor of Communication Studies program. Their work is part of sessional instructor Jana Pruden’s course, BCSC 422: Advanced Reporting and Writing: The Feature.

Read the 2019 edition of The Scavenger.

“This year's edition of The Scavenger is an ambitious collection of feature stories undertaken by some of the city's top young journalists, on complex issues including institutional accountability, abuse, gender, racism, religion and the treatment of animals,” says Jana. “And nude swimming!”

Wait, what?

This year’s edition doesn’t have a specific theme – Jana says she left it up to the students to find the story they wanted to tell (even if it included a deep dive into nude swimming in Edmonton, as in Danielle Selbee’s “I’m Just Me.”)

“Feature writing is a very creative form, and I wanted the students to be able to find a story that really mattered to them, and then stretch their reporting and writing muscles in telling that story,” says Jana, who adds that she was very impressed with how hard students worked and adapted to everything that was thrown at them. “They were extremely professional and dedicated themselves to doing the best for their own story and the stories of their peers. They also persevered in the face of frustrations, obstacles and a demanding teacher.”



Journalism students give voice to stories of the marginalized

In the fifth edition of The Scavenger in 2018, journalism students focused on mental health.


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