Corporate Registry System (CORES)

Professional Accreditation

The Corporate Registry System (CORES) contains information on corporations, non-profit companies, societies, partnerships, trade names and other entities registered in Alberta. The Corporate Registry training program prepares individuals to write the Service Alberta accreditation exams required to access CORES and provide CORES services. Classes are presented with lecture, discussion and hands-on training. Hands-on training is conducted in computer labs with the fastest Internet access available. Users work with the actual Service Alberta (CORES) program including access to the online CORES Policy/User Manual.
There are three levels of training based on the three levels of CORES accreditation. This program is offered by the School of Continuing Education at MacEwan University in Edmonton and at SAIT in Calgary.

Admission Requirements

Participants in the training courses must have basic computer skills with Windows, Internet, and web browsers (Internet Explorer 6 or higher) and word processing applications.


Accreditation Exam Preparation

Completion Requirements

Individuals must pass an accreditation exam for each level of accreditation. Training courses are not required before writing CORES exams. CORES accreditation consists of three levels: Level 1, 2 and 3. The complexity of registration services an individual is authorized to provide depends on their accreditation level. CORES exams are not offered by MacEwan University or SAIT and must be taken through Service Alberta. Visit Service Alberta for information on the accreditation/certification examination process and to view additional information regarding eligibility to access Corporate Registry and Personal Property Information Systems. Successful completion of an accreditation exam does not guarantee access to Government of Alberta Registries systems. Your place of business must have an agreement with Service Alberta for access to the Corporate Registry or Personal Property Information systems.


If you have any questions about your enrolment, or if you would prefer not to enrol online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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