Visual Art Foundation

Professional Development Certificate

The Visual Art Foundation professional development certificate will help you build your skills as a visual artist and create a substantial body of artwork to enhance your professional or personal portfolio. Develop your drawing and painting skills by acquiring techniques to improve your ability to capture people, places and things.

Stretch your creativity and expressive capacities and apply techniques to amplify the impact of your artwork. Build your portfolio for application to fine art, animation, illustration, architecture, fashion and design programs.

Learning and Career Growth

These courses will help you:
• Develop key artistic skills and creative problem-solving abilities
• Create a portfolio of visual art and design works that represents your skills and creative abilities
• Explore and apply principles of design, rules of composition, visual concepts, colour theory and strategies to define creative projects
• Construct compositions with resourceful manipulation of colour and texture
• Engage in technical and aesthetic critical evaluation of artwork to improve problem solving and creative visualization
• Demonstrate artistic flexibility and adaptability in creating innovative and contrasting visual formats and styles

Duration and Delivery

This certificate consists of 5 courses, 18-24 hours each in length, for a total of 96 instructional hours. This certificate may be completed within six months. Courses will be offered face to face at Allard Hall, City Centre Campus. Each individual course will have more information on course delivery.

Getting Started

There are no admission requirements for this program. You can simply register for a course any time.


Course fees range from $199-$395 and the total cost to complete the full certificate is $1,417 based on the current course fees. Fees are listed with individual courses and do not include supplies unless otherwise indicated. Fees are subject to change.


Professional Development Certificate


If you have any questions about your enrolment, or if you would prefer not to enrol online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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