Human Resources Series

Whether you are a Human Resources professional or managing people is just one part of your job, these targeted courses will enhance the value you bring to your organization. Gain specialized knowledge that will help you hire the right people, build and improve relationships, support employee engagement, enhance staff development, and measure productivity.

Learning and Career Growth
You will learn how to:
• Use smart data to improve workforce engagement, productivity, and health and wellness
• Enhance relationships by becoming more aware of your emotional intelligence and ability to interact more effectively with others
• Improve your hiring processes by learning how to undertake job analysis, develop position profiles, prepare effective job ads, establish fair interview processes, and more
• Use an integrated performance management process to build a productive work environment where employees have meaningful, measurable goals
• Contribute to a positive, collaborative work environment by acquiring facilitation, mediation and conflict resolution skills

Instructional Hours

Courses are short 1-2 day commitments, ranging from 7-14 hours in length and are held in person on either weekdays or weekends. Courses are held at MacEwan's Alberta College Campus. This series may be completed in as little as 6 months depending on course availability.

Admission Requirements

There are no admission requirements for this series. You can simply register for a course any time.


Course fees are listed with individual courses and do not include supplies unless otherwise indicated. Course fees range from $195-$475 and the entire series can be completed for $2,511. Fees are subject to change.


If you have any questions about your enrolment, or if you would prefer not to enrol online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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