Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Running your own business takes courage and a lot of hard work. It also means learning new skills so that you can properly build, manage and market your product or services. Whether you are an artist, creative entrepreneur, freelancer, consultant, innovator, independent contractor, retailer or service provider, our professional development courses and workshops are designed to fill the gaps in your knowledge and help give you an edge in a competitive market place.

Almost 40% of small businesses fail within their first five years…

The reality is scary, but it’s never too early, or too late to expand your knowledge and skills. Whether your business is in the idea/development phase and you want to ensure you’re starting-off on the right foot, or you have entered the start-up/growth and maturity/transition phase and are looking for tools to help improve and streamline operations, our professional development courses and workshops can help you gain an edge.

Learning and Career Growth

These courses will help you:
• Recruit staff
• Understand financial statements and budgets
• Build a professional-looking website
• Define and develop your brand
• Implement digital and social media marketing strategies
• Be proficient with contracting and invoicing
• Negotiate and communicate with clients
• Understand taxation requirements
• Manage priorities

Duration and Delivery

Courses can be taken in any order based on interest and relevancy. Courses are short, ranging from 3-14 hours in length with flexible delivery options including online and/or in person on either weekdays or weekends during the day. Face-to-face courses are held at MacEwan's City Centre Campus in Allard Hall

Admission Requirements

There are no admission requirements for this series. You can simply register for a course any time.


Course fees are listed with individual courses and do not include supplies unless otherwise indicated. Course fees range from $195-$499. Fees are subject to change


If you have any questions about your enrolment, or if you would prefer not to enrol online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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We're moving

The School of Continuing Education will move to Allard Hall at City Centre Campus Fall 2020.