Professional Development Certificate

Effective leaders create environments that challenge, motivate and engage. Discover the leadership qualities and competencies valued by organizations today. Assess and build on your own leadership abilities to become more effective in leading and inspiring others. New strategies and tools will be shared that promote the development of positive change and the creation of healthy, high-functioning environments. You will develop your own leadership philosophy and action plan to guide you in achieving personal and organizational success.

Learning and Career Growth

The Leadership professional development certificate will show you how to:
- develop leadership attributes such as self-awareness, authenticity, character, accountability, and resiliency
- create a healthy, positive work environment where employees feel understood, accepted for who they are as individuals, and engaged as part of the team
- use different tools and strategies for successfully guiding people through change and transition
- develop strategic, well-articulated action plans that inspire, motivate and support employees in understanding their role in meeting organizational goals

Duration and Delivery

This certificate consists of 6 courses (5 required courses and 1 elective), each of which is 7 hours in length for a total of 42-49 instructional hours. The certificate may be completed in as little as one term or over a three-year period. Note: If you started the certificate under the previous curriculum, please contact us at 780-497-5207 /

Getting Started

There are no admission requirements for this program. You can simply register for a course at any time.
Note: The enrolment deadline is 5 days prior to the course date.


Course and/or material fees are listed with individual courses. Course fees are $399 per course, and the total cost to complete the full certificate is $2,394, based on the current course fees. Fees are subject to change.


Professional Development Certificate


If you have any questions about your enrolment, or if you would prefer not to enrol online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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