Professional Development Certificate

The Photography professional development certificate will help you learn the essentials of shooting, editing and processing digital photographs. In this program, you will learn how to see with a photographer's eye, capture the world around you, improve your personal style and photographic compositions, learn the history of photography and gain an understanding of current day advances to the medium.

You will walk away with new skills including operating your camera in manual mode, using the Adobe Lightroom software as your file management system and digital darkroom, preparing photos for print and web publishing, enhancing the power and impact of your photos and learning in-studio external flash photography techniques. You will be equipped to apply all of your newly acquired skills to your craft and create your own unique independent project.

If you are new to photography, we recommend taking the Digital Photography Basics course before Digital Photography Level I.

Learning and Career Growth

Create a reputable portfolio with your personal touch. In this program, you will:
• Learn how to use the manual settings of your digital SRL camera to control light, develop your own style and showcase what you want your viewers to see
• Edit and process photographs effectively with a workflow process to save, edit and output digital files for web and print
• Learn to define a photography project with aesthetic and conceptual approaches while making technical and thoughtful choices to ensure your project’s success
• Discover the difference between an amateur photo and a professional creative one by engaging in critical evaluation of projects to improve decision-making and visual storytelling
• Work with instructors who are subject-matter experts with relevant professional experience

Duration and Delivery

This certificate may be completed in as little as four months. Courses may be offered online or face to face at Allard Hall, City Centre Campus. Each individual course will have more information on course delivery.

Getting Started

There are no admission requirements for this program. You can simply register for a course any time. However, basic computer skills are required in order to benefit from the software-based course (Adobe Lightroom).


Course fees- $345-$395
Course hours- 18-24
Certificate- $1,905 (5 courses-96 hours)

Fees do include supplies unless otherwise indicated. Fees are subject to change.


Professional Development Certificate

Completion Requirements

Courses may be completed individually. Once you have successfully completed all of the required courses, you will receive a Professional Development Certificate.


If you have any questions about your enrolment, or if you would prefer not to enrol online, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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