At MacEwan University, we promote education and prevention over policing and discipline as the best ways to address academic integrity violations. When misconduct does occur we follow a formal procedure to ensure fairness on all sides. If you find the process difficult or intimidating, there are several sources of support to guide and assist you.

Academic Integrity Coordinator

The Academic Integrity Coordinator provides advice and leadership on academic integrity and restorative resolutions to faculty and students. If you need help interpreting the policy, would like to request a restorative resolution, aren't sure what to expect when meeting with an instructor or simply want to learn more about restorative practices and academic integrity, the Coordinator can provide the support you need.

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Student Ombudsperson

The student ombudsperson helps students understand university policies, processes and decisions that affect enrolment. The ombudsperson advocates for institutional fairness and is available for advice and support to students on various issues, including those related to appeals and grievances.

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SAMU Student Advocacy Office

The Student Advocacy office at SAMU helps students who are navigating MacEwan University policies and procedures. Staff provide assistance with academic appeals and non-academic matters, as well as advocating for change to university policies on behalf of all students.

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