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Honesty. Fairness. Ethical behavior. That’s what academic integrity is all about. At MacEwan University, we are committed to creating a culture of respect and responsibility that supports high standards of academic work.

We believe that academic integrity is best fostered by creating a trusting and positive classroom dynamic, teaching students to recognize the value of honesty in academics and taking steps to minimize opportunities for misconduct.

Led by the Academic Integrity Office and guided by the principles of restorative practice and the Student Academic Integrity policy, students and faculty learn about the value of academic integrity and the importance of practicing ethical behaviour on campus and beyond the university's doors.

Restorative practices

MacEwan University supports the use of restorative practices because they build community, promote fairness and encourage accountability. As well, restorative resolutions to academic misconduct build and model effective conflict resolution skills. Consider applying restorative principles when dealing with Academic Misconduct or contact the Academic Integrity Office to request a restorative resolution involving a trained facilitator.

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Student Academic Integrity

Understand the regulations governing academic integrity. Learn about our commitment to fostering honesty, fairness and ethical behaviour through prevention and education.

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When misconduct is suspected

When an instructor suspects that academic misconduct has occurred, a process is set in motion. The student, the instructor and university administration all have specific tasks to complete and steps to follow.