Assistive Computer Technology

The Assistive Computer Technology Service (ACTS) area manages a pool of the most commonly recommended assistive technologies (AT) so that eligible students can have timely access to the AT that they need to complete academic work.

There are five steps in accessing assistive technology:


Assistive Technology (AT) assessments are designed to identify which assistive technologies will help you learn as efficiently and independently as possible.

The assessment process includes the following steps:

  • Review of background disability and educational information

  • Interview with you to determine your goals and needs

  • Trial experiences with a range of technologies

  • Assessment of computer skills

  • Preparation of a report summarizing findings and recommendations.

If it is deemed appropriate, your ADR professional resource staff contact person will refer you for an assistive technology assessment.


If Assistive Technology has been recommended, an Assistive Technology specialist will provide you with training on the recommended technology.

One-to-One Assistive Technology (AT) Training

  • One-to-one sessions with an Assistive Technology (AT) specialist

  • Training on AT recommended in assessment

  • Amount of AT training recommended will be customIzed to your individual need

  • Goal is to assist you to become proficient in using AT to complete academic work

  • Ongoing training available to help you to enhance skill and confidence using AT

In-Class Assistive Technology (AT) Access

  • An AT specialist will provide you with training and assistance if you need access to AT in your classes

  • Determination of need and appropriate processes will occur through a collaborative discussion between the relevant parties (e.g., student, instructor, ADR, Information Technology).


Package Release

The recommended AT package (equipment/software) will be released to you when all of the following have occurred:

  • You are registered in courses and classes have begun

  • You have completed AT training;

  • The funding application paperwork has been submitted for processing; and

  • You have signed an agreement with respect to the terms for accessing AT through the Assistive Technology Access program (ATAP).


When funding is approved, 

  • Funding source will be invoiced for the provided AT package

  • ACTS will schedule an appointment so you can sign ownership transfer documents.

When funding is not approved,

  • You should discuss your options for ongoing access to AT with ACTS and ADR.

  • You may be invoiced for AT replacement costs if AT is not returned in good working order.

Technology Evaluation and Maintenance

If you experience technical problems with the provided AT and/or you return the technology to ACTS:

  • You (student) are responsible to save your documents and files

  • You return the AT to ACTS

  • ACTS restores technology to original state

  • ACTS provides a replacement system while technology problems are assessed and/or repaired