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A part-time job while going to school. A summer position to pay for next year's tuition. Volunteering and field placements to give you an edge when you enter the labour market. The work and volunteer experience you gain as a student are an important part of your career development path. 

Create a MacEwanWorks account and discover hundreds of jobs listed by potential employers: full-time, part-time or temporary positions, volunteer roles and field placement opportunities. As well, you can learn about work-related events on campus and access a variety of career resources. 

If you are new to MacEwanWorks and need some help navigating your options, the student guide provides a step-by-step approach. 


MacEwanWorks Student Guide


Learn online 

Enrol in Navigating My Career Journey and be inspired to move forward on your career path. You can access the program through the course catalogue in Blackboard. This is a self-enroll course.

Landing Your First Job Image

Landing your first (or next) job

There's more to getting a job than responding to an ad on or browsing MacEwan Works. From knowing where to find jobs that are right for you to putting your best foot forward in an interview, these five tips will help you land the job you want.