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Think of your career path as a journey—an adventure that begins the moment you set foot on campus. Like a true adventurer, you let curiosity and passion guide you. The traits you nurture and the experiences you gain along the way prepare you for the world of work.

At Career Development and Experiential Learning, we help you navigate your career path with confidence. We are your guides—giving advice, providing resources, organizing events, letting you know about extra-curricular activities and supporting experiential learning opportunities, such as placements and co-ops. We ask questions that will get you thinking about the transition from classroom to career.


Learn online 

Enrol in Navigating My Career Journey and be inspired to move forward on your career path. You can access the program through the course catalogue in Blackboard. This is a self-enrol course.

Student, faculty and employer portal

Our career portal, called MacEwanLife, serves MacEwan students and alumni looking for jobs and career-related resources, employers posting job or placement opportunities and faculty and staff managing experiential learning activities.

As well, students and alumni can book appointments with CDEL staff and faculty can request in-class presentations on a number of career-related topics.

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It’s summer-job-search time

To find a summer job that’s a good fit, you should begin your search in the late winter or early spring. Career Development and Experiential Learning has tips and strategies to guide you along the way.

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New service: Digital resumé review

Email us a digital copy of your resumé (Word document or pdf). Let us know the types of jobs you are looking for and any concerns you have about your resumé. We will send you tips for improving it within a few days.


Solutions to real-life problems

Students are not just making the grade — they're also making a difference in the community.