4 ways to survive flu season

ICON_HEALTHStay healthy out there with these tips

You’ve just survived midterms only to enter the thick of influenza season. If you’ve been cramming like your life depends on it, or have just handed in your biggest term paper, you may not have been taking care of yourself sleep- or food-wise—both things that can make you more vulnerable to the flu virus.

Here are some things you can do to stay healthy this season:

1. Wash your hands

Yes, it sounds obvious, but research shows that hand washing works, and doing it properly only takes 20 seconds.

2. Get a flu shot

According to Alberta Health Services, getting a yearly flu shot reduces your chances of getting the flu. Find out where you can get your free immunization.

3. Stay at home

If all else fails, the best thing you can do (for yourself and your classmates) is to stay home and rest. But lying in bed and worrying about missing lectures is counterproductive, so connect with your faculty members to make sure you don’t fall behind.

4. Call Health Link Alberta

If you’re not sure whether you need a flu shot or you think you may need to see a doctor, call Health Link. A staff member will be able to answer your questions and send you in the right direction. The 24/7 service is available by dialing 811.

Like many students out on their own for the first time, you’re probably just starting to get a handle on this whole “being a responsible, self-sufficient adult” thing. With all the new information you’re trying to manage, you may have forgotten that there are other immunizations you need to keep up to date—for tetanus, measles and other awful illnesses you don’t want to get.

Unsure about what immunizations you’ve had or which ones you need? Health Link Alberta can help with that too. Dial 811 and ask for your immunization record.

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