New Student 

Fall orientation: September 3, 2019 (City Centre Campus); September 11, 2019 (Alberta College Campus)

Meet fellow students. Tour the campus. Learn to navigate those tricky first-year waters.

At MacEwan’s New Student Orientation—held in the fall and the winter each year—you learn about the practical, the academic and the social sides of campus life. You also begin to build a network of familiar faces—and we all know how important that can be when you’re starting something new.

At the orientation, a crew of friendly MacEwan staff and students will answer your questions and help you get ready for those exciting first days on campus.


Early bird tours

Explore campus before classes begin! From August 26 to 30, our friendly tour guides will show you around campus, answer your questions and share their first-year experiences with you. Space is limited, so sign up today using your mymacewan.ca account.

MacEwan tour around campus


Get a head start

Many of the tasks you need to complete as a first-year student can be done weeks (even months!) ahead of time. Start your to-do list early and enjoy a smooth start to your days as a university student.