MacEwan Residence launches virtual reality tour

November 3, 2016

Prospective students can now step inside MacEwan University’s residence from anywhere in the world

This fall, MacEwan University’s Campus Services teamed up with Edmonton-based virtual reality company 3DScanExperts to produce a tour of the student residence that feels, well, virtually real.

Universities everywhere are starting to tap the power of virtual reality, and MacEwan Residence is at the forefront of that movement with this high-tech alternative to a video tour. Prospective students in countries as far away as China and India can now get a first-person perspective of the residence.

“We wanted a new way to share the MacEwan student residence experience and a photo just can’t do what this virtual reality tour does,” says Kris Bruckmann, Campus Services director. “Now, we can show students exactly where they’ll be living and they can experience it in a way that is fully immersive.”

Image-MacRes-VR-viewEssentially, the virtual reality tour transports students to the residence itself, where they can walk from the lobby to the lounges and through the different suites. Students can even get on and off the residence’s elevators and take a trip to a student study lounge.

All it takes is a Google Cardboard viewer and any recent Android or Apple phone. Campus Services has created custom MacEwan Residence viewers for recruiters to use when they’re on the road.

Kris hopes the tour can help MacEwan University better engage with prospective students, particularly international students.

“It’s an amazing tool for our recruiters and an excellent way to share an accurate impression of the residence with students,” says Kris, adding that it’s especially helpful for those who can’t commit to a real-life campus visit. “For the first time, students can see and feel what it would be like to live here—from anywhere in the world.”

See a sample of the MacEwan Residence virtual tour on any device.

MacEwan Residence houses almost 800 students from more than 25 countries every year. For more information, visit

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