Online Requests

To book an exam accommodation or to order a text in alternate format, visit

Register with SSD

If you anticipate, or are experiencing, barriers to full participation related to a disability or medical condition, please contact Services to Students with Disabilities (SSD).  

Make an appointment with SSD

  • Contact the SSD receptionist in Room 7-198 at City Centre Campus at 780-497-5886.       
  • Ask for an appointment with an SSD Learning Specialist. Appointments can take place in person (preferred) or by telephone or Skype.

Provide documentation of disability to SSD

We request that you provide us with documentation of your disability that has been prepared by a licensed professional and that describes current functioning. If you have a stable condition, it may be all right if the documentation is not recent. We ask that the documentation provides enough information to help us anticipate potential barriers that you may face as a student. It’s generally helpful if it includes:

  • a specific diagnosis
  • a description of how the typical university experience may create barriers for you
  • recommendations for resources, accommodations, and services that will remove potential barriers to full participation.

For medical conditions, you can ask your treating physician to fill in this Documentation of Disability form. (pdf).

If you’re not sure what documentation to provide, please ask us and we’ll advise you on how to obtain the required documentation.

Identify Early

We encourage you to register with us in advance—preferably 2 to 4 months before the start of term. This gives us enough time to determine which resources will be helpful and how to put them in place. The sooner you register, the sooner we can arrange everything before classes begin.