Note Taking

General tips

  • Attend all your lectures.
  • Be on time for class and do not leave early.

Before Class

  • Complete the assigned reading before class.
  • Before the lecture, look over your notes from the previous one.

In Class

  • Be alert.
  • Make your notes clear and easy to read.
  • Develop abbreviations of recurring terms.
  • Listen for clues.
  • Take notes on everything the instructor puts on the board, the overheads, etc.
  • Pay attention at the end of class too.

After the Class

  • Read your notes to make sure you will be able to read them easily in the future.
  • After filling in any gaps, write key words in the margin. Review your notes often.

Before an Exam

  • Review your notes thoroughly. Glance at the key words you have written in the margin and see how much you can remember before you read your notes.
  • Try to predict possible test questions, and be prepared to answer them.