Program Details

pimâcihisowin means to create a life of independence. It is a journey of self-exploration where you gain independence and embrace a fierce determination to succeed.

The pimâcihisowin Foundation Program (PFP) is a study program designed to address the gap between a student’s current level of qualifications and knowledge and the level needed for admission into and success in post-secondary diploma or degree.

The PFP is geared primarily towards Indigenous students and offers culturally appropriate education.

Program format

The pimâcihisowin Foundation Program addresses three identified needs:

  1. Providing Indigenous students the opportunity to meet admission requirements to a diploma-level or baccalaureate-level program

  2. Offering students a supportive academic environment and an opportunity to gain transferable skills for a diploma or degree program

  3. Offering a pimâcihisowin course, academic/life skills, tutoring and cultural supports throughout the program

Each student will receive:

  • Up to 15 hours of individual/group mentorship per term

  • pimâcihisowin orientation (12 hours over 2 days), held prior to classes; the orientation will include university life skills, basic life skills and connections to resources and supports in the City of Edmonton and MacEwan University.

  • Minimum of two Indigenous focused non-credit seminars per term, offered through kihêw waciston yearly programming

  • Up to three high school equivalent courses per term to fulfill admission requirements or for competitive entry to programs

  • Up to nine credits of post-secondary courses over two-to-three terms. These courses can be used by students to fulfill elective requirements.

Sample program format

The following is an example of two terms:

Term 1 Term 2
Mentoring (6 hours) Mentoring (6 hours)
pimâcihisowin 100 (home-room; 39 hours) undergraduate course Indigenous 100 (home-room; 45 hours) undergraduate course
UP (1 course; 90 hours) UP (1 course; 90 hours)
UP (1 course; 90 hours) Undergraduate Open Studies course (1 course; 45 hours)
Two Indigenous seminars (2-4 hours) Two Indigenous seminars (2-4 hours)