Student Rates & Registration

There are many ways Sport and Wellness can help you stay balanced and active during the year. Visit us in the Christenson Family Centre for Sport and Wellness (Building 8) to get started.

Membership for MacEwan students

MacEwan University students automatically become members of Sport and Wellness when they are assessed the Sport and Wellness Fee in a term. A MacEwan student membership includes access to our Fitness Centre, Pool and Gymnasium as well as a variety of fitness, aquatics and recreation programming. Student memberships do not include parking.


Value-Added fitness classes are included in your membership at no additional charge—sign up for weekly spin, strength, aerobics, and low-impact classes. Use your student discount on personal or group training and registered fitness classes such as yoga and Kickboxing.

Get your move on

Join Value-Added aquatic classes at no additional charge or register for private swim lessons with discounted student pricing. Enjoy daily recreational swimming—come for a dip or lane swim during available swim times. Check our online schedule.

Get your swim on

Discounted rates for leagues, sport clubs and tournaments are all part of your student membership. Sign up for a league on your own or with some friends. The list of student sport clubs changes each year. If you don't see one you like, you can start your own.

Get your play on

Student spouses and partners

Spouses and partners of MacEwan University students may purchase the four-month pass at the non-MacEwan student rate.

Non-MacEwan student passes

Post-secondary students not enrolled in classes at MacEwan University are eligible for a special rate for Sport and Wellness passes. Passes do not include parking and are non-refundable.

Day pass $8
10-visit pass $72
Rec swim pass* $6
One-month pass $45
Four-month pass** $150

*The rec swim pass is valid for scheduled recreational swim times only. Check our pool schedule.
**Four-month passes align with the dates of our academic terms (ending December 31, April 30, or August 31) and can be prorated.

All prices include GST where applicable. For any discrepancies in price between the website and the till, the till price will be taken as the correct price.

Using Sport and Wellness

  • Fees may be subject to minor increases.
  • No fees will be reimbursed for annual maintenance, special events, exams, cleaning, mechanical failure, emergencies or spontaneous closures of MacEwan University Sport and Wellness facilities.
  • Facility users must comply with all Rules and Regulations of the facility.
  • Users will not engage in the sale of merchandise, souvenirs, novelties, and the rental of equipment or in instructional practices in MacEwan University Sport and Wellness. Any advertising within the facility must first receive approval from the MacEwan University Sport and Wellness Marketing Manager.
  • The use of any camera or video recording device is strictly prohibited in any change room.
  • Memberships are not transferable.
  • You need a Sport and Wellness membership card or pass or a valid MacEwan Student ID to enter the centre.
  • Please report lost/ stolen membership cards or passes to the Welcome Desk. Replacements are $10 (includes GST).

The Sport and Wellness fee is mandatory for MacEwan University students who are enrolled in at least 1 credit per term. Students taking a remote program, a program at a campus outside of Edmonton or outbound exchange will be exempt.

All fees for students are reviewed and approved annually and published in MacEwan University’s Academic Calendar.

Academic Calendar // Other Fees

Fit Buddy
MacEwan students can take advantage of up to three partner sessions to get you comfortable with all the fitness activities MacEwan University Sport and Wellness has to offer.
people working out on fitness machines More info

Rentals and equipment

The lockers inside change rooms are free for daily use but cannot be used for overnight storage. Rental lockers are located in the hallways outside men’s, women’s and family change rooms. Locker rentals are non-refundable. There is a $10 fee to retrieve items left overnight.

Day use 4 months 8 months
MacEwan students Free (lock required) $40 $75
Members & passholders Free (lock required) $60



Day use 4 months 8 months
MacEwan students $2 $40 $75
Members & passholders $2 $60


Day rental $2
Purchase $8.25 combination lock or key lock
  • Small fitness items and sports equipment are available from the Welcome Desk with the exchange of an ID.
  • Equipment loans are for day use only and must be returned to get your ID back.
  • A $20 fee will be charged to retrieve your ID when the item has not been returned.