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Located in the heart of Edmonton, one of the most rapidly growing and ethnically diverse cities in North America, MacEwan University understands, values and promotes diversity within our city and the world around us.

We are committed to preparing students, faculty and staff to succeed in diverse contexts and to embracing richness of global knowledge, culture and perspectives.

Strategic Internationalization Plan

Creating a community committed to diversity and inspired by the richness of a global mindset takes energy, resources and a well-laid plan. Learn about the strategy that shapes our commitment to internationalization.

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Our community

Our international partnerships increase our awareness of global and local realities, address employers’ needs for graduates with a global mindset and provide the MacEwan community with valuable opportunities at home and abroad. If you would like to establish an international partnership with MacEwan University, please contact

We are proud of our partnerships with many institutions and organizations. To see our list of international partners, check the global engagement activities searchable list.

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