You are passionate about engaging with the complex and contested issues that societies face, and you want to understand the important roles that politics, economics and cultural differences play in creating and resolving them.

Our interdisciplinary department is home to three social science disciplines: anthropology, economics and political science. In each, you take part in debates, discussions and team-oriented academic activities, and you have the opportunity to strengthen your skills outside the classroom by participating in hands-on lab and fieldwork, co-ops and activities such as MacEwan University’s award-winning Model United Nations club.

At the end of the program, you are prepared to think critically, but not cynically, about contemporary challenges.

Bringing MacEwan to the world
MacEwan’s Model UN group travels around the world, learning about other cultures first hand and preparing you for the world stage. After three months of cross-Atlantic video conferences, students from the club met their peers from two Ukrainian universities in person.
MacEwan UN members FULL STORY
New research sheds light on fate of the Franklin Expedition
Dr. Treena Swanston, assistant professor of anthropology, worked on a research team of Canadian academics asking one key question: Was lead poisoning really the cause of death for Franklin and his crew of 128?
Dr. Treena Swanston FULL STORY
Dig a little deeper

We offer senior-level courses that allow you to explore specialized content or emerging issues in greater depth. The topics change each year and reflect the particular expertise of our faculty members.