Computer Science MAJOR

Study the nature and techniques of problem solving through computation. As you progress through your major, you discover how computer science influences—and is influenced by—many fields of study, including science, design studies, humanities, health care and business.

Because working with community partners is at the core of what we do, you leave our program with a resumé that includes industry experience and a well-developed professional network. You graduate with the skills you need to realize your potential as a software developer, game developer, data specialist or information security professional. Get prepared for these, as well as many other, career options.

Career Ideas

What to expect

As a first-year student, you are introduced to foundational principles of computer science and begin to work on problems for real-world clients. Your second year offers a breadth of core computer science courses and you learn about the four streams of the computer science major. This is a time to explore the incredible variety within this discipline and to get a feel for where your interests and talents intersect.

In years three and four, you integrate the tools and methods you learned in your first two years into senior-level projects with other students. As you develop confidence in your area of focus, you also become comfortable working collaboratively with your classmates, easing the transition into a profession or to graduate studies at the end of four years.

Four streams of study

When you major in computer science, you choose to focus on one of four areas or streams:

In the general stream, you choose from a variety of senior courses while also completing the core courses required by all majors. Students in this stream are skilled but adaptable, focusing on a breadth of courses. If you plan to start your career as a generalist, this stream provides you with the skills you need.

Learn to design, implement and support large-scale database applications and transform data into visual representations that enhance understanding and facilitate data exploration. Analyze and mine big data using intelligent tools such as association rules, classifications, clustering and data warehousing.

Gain the knowledge and develop the skills and abilities required for systems software development, networking and cyber security. Required courses cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of operating systems, networking and cyber security. Students who graduate from this stream should be able to challenge entry-level certification exams in cyber security.

Focusing on the inherently human aspect of gaming, you learn not just about about the creation of games, but of good games. Study the technical and artistic aspects of software game development. Develop the design and implementation skills required in the video game industry.

Courses and requirements

This major is open to students in the Bachelor of Science. Courses for your major are only one component of the degree requirements you need to graduate. To see all courses required for the major, check the program of study in the academic calendar.

Requirements can change from year to year. You will follow the program of study outlined in MacEwan University's Academic Calendar for the year you declare your major/minor or the year you are accepted into an honours program.

Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find the courses you need to take and the requirements you must fulfill to complete your program.
Academic Calendar
Declare your major/minor

Academic advisors in the Faculty of Arts and Science have prepared resources to help you understand how your major/minor fits within overall degree coursework. Consult the academic planning information to choose and enrol in courses and complete the major/minor declaration process.