Our department offers courses in the disciplines listed below. For individual course descriptions, follow the links to MacEwan University’s Academic Calendar.

Not all courses are available each term. Courses must be numbered 100 and above to be used to fulfill degree requirements.

A note about required course CMPT 101

Students with extensive programming experience, particularly in the Python language, may appeal to the Chair to waive enrolment in CMPT 101 and instead enrol directly into CMPT 103.


Special topics

Special topics courses focus on specific areas of interest within a discipline. The topics are chosen based on the expertise of our instructors, and the topics usually vary from term to term.

Winter 2021

Course: CMPT 399: Topics in Computer Science | Compiler Construction
Term: Fall 2020
Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Boers

This course introduces students to the design and implementation of compilers. The compiler is responsible for translating the user-written source code description of a program into a form that the computer can execute. In studying compilers, students will gain insight into the design and implementation of programming languages, and they will be introduced to the theory and techniques of scanning, parsing, semantic analysis, and code generation. Students will use compiler generation tools, e.g., flex and bison, to design and implement a compiler for a small imperative programming language.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C in CMPT 201. CMPT 229 recommended.

Permission Required: Yes

How to Enrol: Students can request a permission number from Program Services at starting at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of their enrolment appointment. Permission numbers will be given to students who fulfill the prerequisites in the order in which they are received. One permission number request per email please.