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A note about required course CMPT 101

Students with extensive programming experience, particularly in the Python language, may appeal to the Chair to waive enrolment in CMPT 101 and instead enrol directly into CMPT 103.


Special topics

Special topics courses focus on specific areas of interest within a discipline. The topics are chosen based on the expertise of our instructors, and the topics usually vary from term to term.

Fall 2023

Course: CMPT 399: Topics in Computer Science | Cryptology: Classical to Quantum
Term: Fall 2023
Section: AS01
Instructor: Dr. Stephane Lemieux

Cryptographic algorithms are used to ensure the privacy and integrity of data, secure communications, and protect and even supplant currency altogether. However, their utility and ubiquity were recently threatened by developments in quantum computing, necessitating a near future shift to more sophisticated, quantum resistant algorithms. In this course, students will study the evolution of cryptology, covering the essentials of classical and contemporary symmetric and asymmetric encryption and decryption algorithms in their many forms and applications. In addition students will study the implications of quantum attacks and explore at least one newly certified quantum resistant algorithm. The focus of the course will balance practical implementations of naturally theoretical and mathematical concepts. Knowledge of mathematical concepts beyond those of the listed prerequisites will not be assumed and will be provided as needed.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C- in CMPT 200 and either MATH 120 or MATH 125.

Permission Required: Yes

How to Enrol: Students can request a permission number from the Arts and Science Advising Office at starting at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of their enrolment appointment. Permission numbers will be given to students who fulfill the prerequisites in the order in which they are received. One permission number request per email please.