A note about required course CMPT 101

Students with extensive programming experience, particularly in the Python language, may appeal to the Chair to waive enrolment in CMPT 101 and instead enrol directly into CMPT 103.


Special topics

Special topics courses focus on specific areas of interest within a discipline. The topics are chosen based on the expertise of our instructors, and the topics usually vary from term to term.

Winter 2025

Course: CMPT 399: Topics in Computer Science | Advanced Algorithms and Applications
Term: Winter 2025
Section: AS01
Instructor: Dr. Nesrine Abbas

This course introduces students to advanced techniques for designing and analyzing algorithms and explores their use in a variety of application areas. Topics include randomized, approximation, greedy, divide and conquer, dynamic programming, and graph algorithms, and NP-completeness.

Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C in CMPT 204

Permission Required: Yes