International Business Major

Technology makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to enter the global market, from established companies expanding their horizons to start-ups looking for investors and entrepreneurs extending their reach. But how do those businesses succeed once they enter the world marketplace? That’s what we’re here to teach you.

The international business major helps you understand the demands of the global market and recognize the issues that affect international strategies and performance. You learn how culture, language, political systems, geography and socio-economic factors influence a company’s business practices. You also learn how transportation, supply chains and distribution networks affect foreign trade. You can tailor your studies to a geographic area or a specific industry.

International business is about thinking globally and acting locally. This major provides the basic frameworks and perspectives that students need to understand business operations across the globe.
Dr. Etayankara Muralidharan, department chair

What to expect

In the first two years of the program, you learn the principles that shape general business decisions. As you progress through your courses, you learn to apply those foundational principles to international contexts. Courses focus on global business practices, cross-border trade, international law and intercultural communication. You gain an understanding of how businesses operate in other countries and how culture influences business decisions.

In your third and fourth years, you have the opportunity to participate in a study tour in a host country. Past tours have taken students to Vietnam, China, Austria and Spain, where they attended lectures and presentations, visited local businesses and met corporate leaders. You can also choose a work experience or internship option, working in a Canadian-based, international company or with an overseas business. You are paid for the work you do, but your performance is assessed by your supervisor in the School of Business.

Your future

Rapid globalization has led to international, linguistic and cultural challenges for Canadian businesses. As a result, graduates with a deeper understanding of global issues, markets and trade are in high demand.


In this major, you develop the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the global market. By the time you graduate, you have a full understanding of international marketing, finance, business strategy and sales.

Students who choose this major often have an interest in:

  • Diverse cultures, social norms and ways of thinking
  • Communicating with people whose worldviews are different than their own
  • International relations
  • History
  • Global politics
  • Language(s) other than English

You can find employment with a wide range of companies in both local and international markets. Career options include:

  • International sales
  • International marketing manager
  • International trade specialist
  • International development officer
  • Government foreign affairs administration
  • Trade consultant
  • Foreign investment analyst
  • Import/export coordinator
  • Operations manager
  • Purchasing agent
  • Marketing manager
  • Public relations specialist

We recommend these resources to learn more about working in the field of international business:

The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) hosts detailed occupational profiles, salary survey data, trend reports and assessment tools to help you choose and plan a career that matches your skills and interests.

Accreditation from the European Foundation for Management Development means that our students can develop the global mindset necessary to meaningfully shape the world around them.
Dr. Ali Taleb, associate dean
Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find the courses you need to take and the requirements you must fulfill to complete your program.
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Academic advising
This program of study is open to students in the Bachelor of Commerce. Courses for your major, minor or Honours discipline are only one component of your degree. Academic advisors in the School of Business have prepared program planning resources to help you understand degree requirements.