statistical consulting centre

Statistics is a critical part of the empirical research process, providing the theoretical and applied background to guide study design, choice of statistical tools and interpretation of results.

As MacEwan’s scholarly output continues to grow, it is highly beneficial for researchers across the university to have access to trained statisticians who can help support their work.

The Statistical Consulting Centre, within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, provides statistical support for MacEwan’s faculty and student researchers. This support includes:

  • Planning stage consultation
  • Choice of experimental design
  • Advice on required sample size
  • Adjustment for lurking and confounding influences
  • Data analysis
  • Interpretation of results
  • Writing and reporting of statistical methods and results.

The centre is staffed by faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, as well as students who receive paid employment or course credit through their work with the centre.

In addition to consultation services, watch for educational opportunities through the Statistical Consulting Centre in the near future, including workshops and seminars for faculty and students.

The successful dissemination of our research studies has largely been attributed to the statistical analysis support provided by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Their collaborative approach and detailed explanations ... have advanced our growth as novice researchers.
Dr. Jill Vihos, PhD, RN, and Andrea Chute, MN, RN, Faculty of Nursing, MacEwan
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