Immerse yourself in lifelike, hands-on patient care in the Clinical Simulation Centre, where simulated-learning spaces mirror real-world environments. Here, you interact with computerized mannequins, anatomical models, digital learning platforms and patient-actors while safely integrating classroom theory with clinical practice.

Health professionals are entering a unique and demanding time in the history of healthcare, facing more complex patient needs, increased technological demands and the responsibility of coordinating patient care within interprofessional teams. The Clinical Simulation Centre (CSC) prepares you for this dynamic environment, providing a supportive, safe space that encourages you to take risks and gain critical experience before entering real situations with real people in clinical settings.

Students from a range of clinical programs use the CSC, including nursing, therapist assistant, social work, police and investigations and acupuncture.

COVID protocols in the CSC

The CSC is working hard to keep our faculty and students safe. We have established strict protocols and are pleased to share this informational video with you.

Simulation is all about transformational learning for students, empowering them to identify their strengths and building them up to be safe, effective and ethical patient care professionals.
Colette Foisy-Doll, Simulation Program Coordinator