Innovative, transformative, project oriented—the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre connects MacEwan with Ukraine and the Ukrainian-Canadian community in meaningful ways.

Launched in 1988, the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre (URDC) is an endowed institution within MacEwan University. The centre has received ongoing support from the Ukrainian-Canadian community, the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada, and the University. We engage in initiatives that promote community development and intercultural dialogue. Through provincial, national and international projects, we link MacEwan to universities in Ukraine and to academic and cultural centres that are devoted to Ukraine, in Canada and abroad.

Український центр засобів і розвитку – УЦЗР

Український центр засобів і розвитку – УЦЗР – розташований в університеті ім. Ґрента МакЮена та має свій постійний фонд. Заснований у 1988 році, Центр користується підтримкою українсько-канадської громади, урядів Альберти i Канади, та університету. Ми залучені до низки ініціатив, сприяючи розвитку громади та міжкультурного діалогу. Завдяки нашим провінційним, національним та міжнародним проектам, ми поєднуємо МакЮен з університетами в Украіні та академічними та культурними центрами в Канаді та за кордоном.


About us 

To become an exemplary Centre that develops, supports and implements Canada-Ukraine innovative projects locally, nationally and internationally in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways.

Engaged in community development and intercultural dialogue, URDC identifies, carries out and contributes to educational and cultural projects that connect the University with its partners in Canada and Ukraine.

At URDC, we value cultural mindfulness, mutuality and intercultural dialogue. We connect scholars and communities in Canada and Ukraine. We engage students, faculty, staff and community members, drawing on their strengths and expertise to encourage new ideas and collaborative projects. We support Ukraine via international development projects and share the best of Ukraine with Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.

URDC is an endowed Centre established in 1988 by the Board of Governors of Grant MacEwan College passing a motion that URDC would be a component of Grant MacEwan College, now MacEwan University. The Centre is committed to cultural mindfulness, relationship building and intercultural dialogue.

In collaboration with MacEwan Faculties and Schools, community organizations, external agencies, post-secondary institutions and government, URDC develops, coordinates and/or supports innovative educational and cultural collaborations that mutually benefit MacEwan and its partners in Canada and Ukraine. Such collaborations strategically utilize experiences and expertise of MacEwan’s students, staff and faculty as well as financial resources, including those provided by the Ukrainian Foundation for College Education (UFCE). The Centre advances student-, faculty- and community-engaged research; transformative learning experiences through on- and off-campus educational opportunities; faculty and student exchanges; and development projects. Its international and global education initiatives are aligned with the work of MacEwan International, when possible.

Visionary collaborations

This documentary celebrates the life and work of URDC's first director, Dr. Roman Petryshyn. He advanced multiculturalism and ethnocultural inclusion in Canada, undertook community development initiatives in Canada and Ukraine and was appointed a Member of the Order of Canada. His career demonstrates his tireless commitment to making the world a better place for all.