COVID Update: September 17

In-person and hybrid classes resume September 20.

At the Faculty of Arts and Science, we are called to understand the world around us through study, research and discussion.

We are open to differing ideas, opinions, perceptions and beliefs. We like to challenge and be challenged, to ask questions and to overcome obstacles. We are not afraid to step into uncharted territory. In fact, that might be our favourite place.

“Royal” volunteer opportunity
During a zoology class field trip to the Royal Alberta Museum, Hasanna saw a 150-year-old preserved bird and a bird specimen she’d never seen before. The experience whet her appetite for further field work.
Science and creativity
It's essential to think about how art and design fit into traditional science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, says Sharon Bratt, associate professor in computer science. She shared her ideas with high school teachers at a workshop hosted at MacEwan.
Sharon Bratt The A in STEAM