At the Faculty of Arts and Science, we are called to understand the world around us through study, research and discussion.

We are open to differing ideas, opinions, perceptions and beliefs. We like to challenge and be challenged, to ask questions and to overcome obstacles. We are not afraid to step into uncharted territory. In fact, that might be our favourite place.

Our vision

Transformative learning is at the core of what we do. The Faculty of Arts and Science inspires students to be active in their diverse communities and engage with the world as discerning and well-informed members of society.

Our mission

Our Faculty is a diverse scholarly community that creates meaningful learning opportunities to explore, analyze, and understand our world from many disciplinary perspectives. Together, we are challenged to contribute and grow through the acquisition and application of skills and breadth of knowledge, informed by scholarly practice.

Our values

Learn more about what unites us and our shared priorities for teaching, learning and scholarship in Arts and Science.

our values statement