Become a musical theatre professional in our innovative, interdisciplinary Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

Train in world-class facilities alongside fellow students who share your passion for performance. Take specialized classes in acting, singing, dancing, music theory, ear training, auditioning, stage combat, career management and more. You graduate from the program with the skills, experience and professional connections you need to succeed in a career in musical theatre.

Guided by experienced theatre mentors, you explore your authentic artistic voice in a learning environment that encourages creative risk taking. Then, you showcase your talents in smash-hit Broadway musicals and cutting-edge contemporary plays for public audiences.



Walk through our doors and feel a new kind of energy, a sense of opportunity and your future taking shape. It’s time to step into greatness—on your terms.


Program details

The Music Theatre Performance major prepares you for a career in music theatre through an intense, conservatory-style program of training in acting, singing and dancing.

Early in the program, you are immersed in the fundamentals of these performance skills. As you progress through the four years, you refine, experiment and acquire the skills to create and perform in a variety of theatrical styles and venues.

From your first year, you are introduced to the theory and practice of musical theatre, guided by educators who are also working professional theatre directors, actors, musical directors and choreographers. Learning is intense, and the pace is demanding but also highly satisfying in this hands-on program. You graduate as a strong advocate of theatre and all arts, prepared for a long-term career in the local, national and international communities of theatre artists.

Courses & Requirements
Check the academic calendar to find the courses you need to take and the requirements you must fulfill to complete your program.
Academic Calendar

Performance practicum

Think of the stage as the ultimate classroom. Refine your performance skills, cultivate professional etiquette, and collaborate with the creative team, fellow actors and technical staff/crew in at least two fully-staged public performances.

After hours of preparation, training and drills, you entertain and engage audiences as part of MacEwan's Theatre Season.

International students

International students must have a co-op work permit before starting field placement, clinical practice or practicum. A co-op work permit is different from your study permit; it is an additional permit that authorizes international students to participate in work that is integral to their program of study. If you will be working with vulnerable populations in a health, community or medical field, you will need an up-to-date medical exam by an IRCC-approved panel physician before applying for a co-op work permit.

Ask MacEwan International about the documents you need to have to apply. You should apply for a co-op work permit 4-6 months before the start of your field placement, clinical practice or practicum as current IRCC processing times are lengthy.

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