Jazz, rock, pop, metal, blues, soul, country, electronica, hip hop: if you sing, play, write, or record it, we teach it. Bring your energy and creativity to MacEwan University and realize your goal of becoming a professional in the ever-evolving world of contemporary popular music.

Gain the skills, insights, credentials and connections you need to pursue a career as a professional musician, performer, creator and leader in the music industry. Get hands-on experience with the only university-run record label in Canada—Bent River Records.

Bent River Records

Canada's only university-run record label, Bent River Records is an innovative, artist-focused label that gives you the opportunity for truly hands-on learning.

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What’s Next in Music – MacEwan Edition
Join EnsembleCo on Wednesday, September 22 for an exciting student-led conversation designed to bring industry experts together for an exclusive dialogue about the future of music.
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