Do you need to improve your high school grades or do you just need a few courses to help make you admissible to your program of choice? Then University Preparation may be the program for you.

University Preparation provides a full range of core high school courses that are prerequisites for college or university programs, skills-training programs, apprenticeship training or technical institutes. These courses are offered in an exciting university environment with quality instruction and individualized attention to help ensure success.

Through this program you will receive a personalized assessment of your current academic standing, as well as a customized education plan to satisfy your future program requirements.

Students in need of Foundational Learning Assistance

Foundational Learning Assistance for Spring 2024 is exhausted.

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Our University Preparation program (often referred to as upgrading) provides a full range of core high school-equivalent courses that are prerequisites for university, college, skills-training programs, apprenticeship training or technical institutes.
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