GRADes, GPA & Academic standing

You receive grades for assignments, exams and other course work, as well as an overall grade for each course you complete. These grades are used to calculate your grade point average (GPA). Your GPA is the basis of your academic standing and determines whether you can continue your studies at the university.

Find information about grades, GPA and academic standing—including categories and criteria for academic merit—in the Academic Calendar.

Student Records & Transcripts

Grading & GPA
All final grades are reported to the Office of the University Registrar using letter grades. Your Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated from your grades and used to measure and monitor your academic progress.
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Academic Standing

Your overall academic performance is subject to review at the end of each academic term. You need to be aware of your academic standing and how it may affect your ability to continue your studies or to graduate.

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Grading Policy
Definitions and regulations governing the assessment of student performance are published in the Grading policy. Learn more about how and when you can expect to receive feedback in credit courses.
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