ACCESS & Eligibility

Scholarship, award and bursary descriptions and criteria are included in our awards database. The details page for each award outlines eligibility criteria, other requirements and the application process.

You will be notified by email and within myStudentSystem when awards you may be eligible for are open for application.


The award details page lists the eligibility criteria for individual scholarships, awards and bursaries. If the award is offered through an external organization, you should confirm all details on the organization’s website before you apply.


Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance. You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per term in the current and previous academic year to be considered (unless you have an approved reduced course load).


Awards are based on criteria such as volunteerism or leadership, and may also include academic achievement or other criteria. Criteria can vary but most awards require full-time enrolment.


Bursaries are awarded based on financial need and may include other criteria such as volunteerism or residency. Criteria can vary but most bursaries require full-time enrolment.

Application process types

Some awards require an application and others are awarded automatically or through a nomination/review process. The award details page indicates which process is used. There are four options:

Most scholarships, awards and bursaries require you to apply through myStudentSystem under the Financial Aid tile. Further details on the process are listed below.

In some instances, an external organization determines who receives a scholarship, award or bursary.

In these situations, the details page includes a link to the external organization's application criteria. Be sure to confirm the award requirements and verify deadlines on the external site. Submit your application directly to the external organization.

Information on external awards may change without notice. MacEwan University is not responsible for any discrepancies published on this website.

You do not need to apply for awards that have a nomination process. Selected students are notified by email.

You do not need to apply for automated awards. You are automatically considered. Selected students are notified by email.

How to apply using myStudentSystem

Applications for scholarship, awards and bursaries open in myStudentSystem in the first week of the Fall and Winter terms. If you are enrolled in classes, you will receive an email alert to let you know when the Fall/Winter applications are open and when any additional competitions open during the year.

Competition closing dates are indicated in myStudentSystem. We cannot accept applications once competitions for individual awards are closed.

Once an application period opens, you can find a list of scholarships, awards and bursaries you may be eligible for in the Financial Aid section of myStudentSystem.

Watch the video: Applying for Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries

  1. Log in to using your network ID and password.
  2. Launch myStudentSystem from the Quick Links menu.
  3. From your student homepage, select Financial Aid.
  4. Application links will only appear when an award is open for applications.
  5. Select the award and follow the steps to apply.
  6. Include all required attachments.
  7. Sign the Legal Declaration at the end of the application.

When applying for bursaries, you must attach three months of bank statements and explanatory document(s) listing all deposits, transfers, and withdrawals over $100.

The Awards Application Summary in myStudentSystem allows you to view the status of your current and past applications for MacEwan awards. You can make changes to applications with an "open" status.

To view your Application Summary:

  1. Log in to using your network ID and password.
  2. Launch myStudentSystem from the Quick Links menu.
  3. From your student homepage, select Financial Aid.
  4. Select a term.
  5. View the status of your application(s).

If you are a successful applicant for a scholarship, award or bursary offered by MacEwan University, your Awards Application Summary in myStudentSystem is updated first—you will see the award status change to “selected.”

In most cases, you should receive an automated email the next day stating the name and amount of your award.

Other external awards follow their own notification and disbursement process. Check the external website or contact the organization directly for more information.

Funds are disbursed in the following order:

  • If you owe tuition or fees for the current term, your award is first applied towards your outstanding balance.
  • Unless the award details indicate disbursement in the form of a tuition credit, all remaining funds will be paid to you directly.

We cannot release funding to domestic students who do not have a Social Insurance Number entered in myStudentSystem.

Payment is made by cheque or direct deposit:

  • If you have direct deposit set up in myStudentSystem, funds are transferred directly to your bank account.
  • If you do not have direct deposit, a cheque is mailed to the current address in myStudentSystem.

Use myStudentSystem to update your information

Where the option exists, MacEwan University recommends direct deposit as the most secure, reliable and convenient method for you to receive payments. Use myStudentSystem to set up direct deposit.

If you do not set up direct deposit, a cheque will be mailed to your current address in myStudentSystem. Please confirm that your address is correct and that it is the address where you want cheques mailed.

Enter your bank account details and direct deposit information in myStudentSystem. You may change the bank account information associated with your direct deposit enrolment as necessary by following the same steps.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the direct deposit information you provide is accurate and to update your information if it changes.

  1. Log in to using your Network ID and password.
  2. Launch myStudentSystem from the Quick Links menu.
  3. From your student homepage, select Fees.
  4. Select Direct Deposit in the menu.
  5. Click Enroll in Direct Deposit.
  6. Enter your bank account details. You can find this information on a void cheque, a pre-authorized debit form or by logging in to your online banking.
    • Enter the 3-digit bank code (institution number).
    • Enter the name of the account holder.
    • Select the account type: chequing or savings.
    • Enter the account number (7-12 digits, no spaces or dashes)
    • Confirm the account number.
    • Enter the 5-digit branch number (transit number)

      sample VOID cheque

  7. Click Yes to agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Click Submit to complete the process.

If you wish to cancel your direct deposit enrolment, contact the finance department at from your student Gmail account.

NOTE: Refunds or award payments made via Direct Deposit typically take one week from the processing date to appear in your bank account.

Follow these steps to confirm or update your mailing address.

  1. Log in to using your Network ID and password.
  2. Launch myStudentSystem from the Quick Links menu.
  3. From your student homepage, Select Profile.
  4. Select Addresses from the menu.
  5. Select your Current address.
  6. Update your information.
  7. Click Save.
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