Tuition Payments

If you have applied for government student loans and grants, MacEwan University is responsible for confirming your enrolment with the lending provider. At that time, the university also requests a direct payment from your funding to cover tuition and fees.

Adding or dropping courses after enrolment is confirmed may change the amount you owe, but it does not change the amount of funding requested.

  • If you add classes and the requested funding is not enough to cover all charges on your account, you must pay the balance by the applicable payment deadline.
  • If you drop courses, any excess funds are returned to the lender.

Don’t pay twice

After we confirm your enrolment, it can take 7 to 10 days for a payment to appear in myStudentSystem. You may receive the remaining funding in your bank account before a payment is reflected on your student account balance.

Use an additional method of payment only if:

  • The requested funding does not cover all charges on your account
  • The requested funding is not approved prior to a payment deadline

Use myStudentSystem to see how much money MacEwan University has requested to cover tuition and fees.

  1. Log in to
  2. Launch myStudentSystem from the Quick Links menu
  3. From your student homepage, select either Financial Aid or Fees (you will find the same information in both places).
  4. Click on the Pending Financial Aid menu item