Costs for your university education include tuition fees, service fees, books and supplies. You are responsible for all fees charged to your student account, and you must pay tuition and fees by the payment deadline each term.

Estimate the cost of your program
Find information on admission, tuition and other fees. Use the cost estimator or check the cost estimate sheet to find the approximate cost of a single term or your entire program.
Tuition, Fees & Estimates
Pay your tuition and fees
Check deadlines, find out how much you owe and choose a convenient method of payment. Avoid interest charges and enrolment restrictions by paying your account balance in full.
Refund Process, Timelines & Policy
Any changes to your course schedule may alter your fee assessment. Refunds, if applicable, are calculated according to the scheduled refund categories in the Refunds of Tuition and Student Fees policy.
Tuition is tax deductible

The T2202 is the official receipt you need to claim tuition and education tax credits on your Personal Income Tax Return. Your T2202 is available in myStudentSystem by the final day of February each year.

Tax Receipts
Money matters
Find more information about a range of financial topics, including budgeting, bursaries, scholarships, student loans, tuition and fees.