Assistive Technology

If you and your learning specialist agree that you will benefit from lecture recordings, alternate format content or other accommodations that require technology, a member of the Assistive Computer Technology Service team will meet with you. 

Assistive Computer Technology Service (ACTS) team members manage a pool of commonly used assistive technologies (AT), giving you timely access to a range of academic supports.

There are two steps to the assistive technology process: consultation and training.


When you meet with an ACTS team member, together you identify which assistive technologies will facilitate your learning as efficiently and independently as possible. As part of that process, our team members may:

  • Discuss and review background disability and educational information.
  • Interview you to determine your goals and the barriers experienced.
  • Demonstrate a range of technologies that you may be interested in.
  • Determine your computer skills and your comfort level with technology.
  • Prepare a report summarizing the AT consultation, which may be used for external funding applications.


After your AT consultation, a member of the ACTS team trains you to use the appropriate technology. We provide one-to-one training before classes start, as well as in-class access and training, if required. In-class technology requirements are determined through a collaborative discussion between the relevant parties: student, instructor, ADR and information technology staff. 

Online requests
Accessibility/accommodation letters and alternate format materials can be requested through the student portal. You can also book an exam or schedule a meeting using our online request service.
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