Studying abroad is about learning alongside people whose worldviews differ from your own. It’s about choosing an academic path that challenges you in new ways. It’s about opening doors.

We are currently planning the next round of education abroad programs, including exchange, summer, and internship opportunities. The application deadline to participate in an exchange program in Summer 2024, Fall 2024 and/or Winter 2025 is March 1, 2024. There is another last-minute application deadline for the Winter term on October 1, 2024.

We can guide you through the process and provide information, advice and support for your participation, including possible risks. However, you need to be flexible, monitor the global situation and be prepared for changes in plans.

To find out more, please join one of our information sessions. Please attend an information session before booking an appointment with us.

Study and internship opportunities


We offer two types of study abroad programs. If you choose the exchange option, you enrol at a partner institution as a full-time student for one or two terms. Summer programs also have an academic focus but are shorter, running for three weeks to two months.


We connect students with internship opportunities, which allow you to gain work experience abroad during your academic program. Internships usually run for two to four months over the summer or during semesters. Credit and non-credit internships are available.

Education Abroad Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities

Organizations and companies around the world are looking for volunteers. MacEwan University is not affiliated with any volunteer organization. If you are considering volunteering, we have put some tips together for you to navigate your choices and risks.


Other opportunities

If you would like to study at an institution that is not one of our formal partners, you can apply as a visiting international student. Speak with an academic advisor in your program to learn more.

Funding for Education Abroad students

Students participating in education abroad programs may be eligible for funding for the time they spend outside the country. Amounts available range depending on the activity. Check with a financial aid advisor.

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Ready, set, go

Application deadlines, finding the right program, making accommodation arrangements—preparing for your education abroad experience is a big job. Let us help you plan the learning adventure of a lifetime.

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