MacEwan University is one of approximately 20 Alberta post-secondary institutions partnering with Inclusion Alberta to allow students with developmental disabilities to pursue higher education. Inclusive Post-Secondary Education allows students with developmental disabilities to participate in regular programs, attend classes and labs, write exams and assignments, and enjoy campus life at MacEwan.

Student participation on campus is essential to academic success and personal fulfillment. An Inclusive Post-Secondary Educational Facilitator supports students with developmental disabilities year-round to pursue an active campus life. The Facilitator encourages the students to build interpersonal skills and expands employment networks by facilitating involvement in and out of the classroom, as well as off campus.

While students are enrolled at MacEwan University, facilitators partner with students and their families to create a vision and create inclusive employment opportunities for students. Students participate fully in classes, labs, and practicum/field experience opportunities with an enhanced audit status. Facilitators also partner with instructors to individualize the program to fit the learning needs, goals, and styles of the student.

Students supported by Inclusive Post-Secondary Education often enhance their student experience by becoming involved in extracurricular activities such as student groups, social activities, and student residence. Some students also choose to work while they are going to school or participate in opportunities to further their career goals. The students also participate in convocation, receiving a certificate of achievement at the end of their studies. 

Applying to Inclusive Post-Secondary

Inclusive post-secondary education is open to any individual who is PDD eligible. We do not assess applicants based on complex needs and believe that all students should have the ability to attend post-secondary if they so desire.

Tuition is not covered by PDD funding and is the responsibility of each student. Students should budget roughly $1,500/semester for tuition, textbooks and fees.

To learn more about Inclusive Post-Secondary Education at MacEwan University:

  • Identify a program at MacEwan University that interests you.
  • Determine eligibility for PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities) funding by contacting PDD directly.
  • Contact the Coordinator of Inclusive Post-Secondary Education at MacEwan University for more information and/or an application form.