Mental Health Resources

If you want to be proactive about maintaining good mental health, many resources are available to you, including MacEwan-based tools and initiatives.

Animal therapy drop-in
Research shows that stress levels are reduced when we interact with animals. So why not give MacEwan's PAWSS (Pets Assisting with Student Success) program a try? PAWSS offers in-class, pop-up and scheduled visits with their furry friends.
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Guided mindfulness and relaxation

Integrate mindfulness and relaxation into your day with these audio exercises. When we are mindful, we purposefully explore where we're at in life with openness, curiosity and flexibility. A regular mindful practice can help reduce stress, improve performance and gain insight. The relaxation exercises guide you to feelings of support and peacefulness.

These audio exercises can be used to integrate mindfulness into how you relate to your internal and external experiences.

Mindfulness body scan
Mindfulness mountain meditation
Mindfulness sitting meditation
Leaves on a stream
Mindful awareness of breath
Mindfulness Loving-kindness meditation

These audio exercises can be used to help you relax through visualization and breathwork.

Guided imagery
Progressive muscle relaxation
kis​â​kihitin (Indigenous Meditation Album)

kis​â​kihitin (“I love you” in Cree) is an international collaborative effort, combining artists who hail from various places around Alberta as well as a number of artists originally from South Dakota. It is a powerful collection that invites the listener on a meditative, healing journey. It is also an important resource for educators, friendship centres and the public.

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Please note that mindfulness practices have the potential to create psychological distress for some individuals. Please do not listen to a recording while driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery. Please consult a mental health professional for guidance should you encounter difficulties.

Weekly and monthly wellness activities

The Peer Health Education Team is a group of student volunteers who are passionate about campus wellness. Log in to MacEwanLife to learn about our weekly programming and monthly wellness stations.

There are so many benefits to mindfulness and relaxation exercises, like improved memory, decreased stress and increased self-awareness. We encourage you to give it a try!
Helena Dayal, registered psychologist