A few years after graduating from MacEwan University, Avery Johnson and Kady Hobbins joined forces when they discovered that they shared a passion and talent for communications and digital marketing. They also shared a passion for giving back.

"We both know how valuable it can be to students to receive a monetary award during the pursuit of their studies," says Johnson, Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology), '11, and Bachelor of Arts (Honours Psychology), '14. "We were grateful to receive awards when we were students, and we knew that as soon as we were in the position to help give back, we would."

The Kaden Ave Leadership Award, named after the social media agency they founded together, is granted to full-time MacEwan students in the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Communication Studies programs who demonstrate leadership skills through extracurricular activities, community service or volunteerism.

"MacEwan University had a big impact on the people that we are today," says Hobbins, Bachelor of Arts (Sociology), '12. "The education we received there, in combination with the opportunities that were presented to us, provided the skills and experience that we needed to grow our own business."
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