Dr. Erin Cowling was recently awarded the Matthew Stroud Comedia Article Prize by The Association for Hispanic Classical Theater for her article “Representing the Unrepresentable: A One-Man Retelling of Cervantes’s Entremeses,” which was published in eHumanista/Cervantes.

The prize is awarded to an outstanding scholarly article or book chapter published by a current member of the association during the past three years, with preference given to articles emphasizing comedia performance. 

Dr. Cowling's research interests lie in looking at the literature and culture of the past to understand their effects and influences today. “My focus is on early modern Spanish Theatre. Think Shakespeare, but in Spanish,” says the associate professor, Spanish. “I am constantly amazed at how the themes in those works (love, honour, war, peace, family drama, etc.) still resonate today. For example, in the article for which I was recognized, I discussed how the very contemporary problem of “fake news” and its baroque undertones is an echo of the philosophical preoccupations expressed in the early modern baroque works of Miguel de Cervantes, who wrote during the late 16th and early 17th centuries.” 

The Association for Hispanic Classical Theater (AHCT) is an international organization that focuses on promoting and fostering greater appreciation for Spain’s classical drama. The association’s membership comprises literary scholars, theatrical directors and producers, teachers and other aficionados of Spain’s Golden Age of Theater.

“I have been a member of the AHCT since 2014,” says Dr. Cowling. “I think it is important to get involved with these types of associations. It gives you a chance to shape important questions and events that could influence your field and provides the opportunity to meet influential members of your field and get to know them well.”

“Since joining, I have built close connections with a number of my colleagues and have co-authored journal articles and book chapters, co-edited books and journals, and co-organized conferences around the world. None of this would have been possible without the AHCT, as collaboration isn’t the norm for most humanities disciplines.”

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