The Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) has donated $1 million dollars to the SAMU Cares Endowment Fund, increasing the amount of money available to assist students in need.

To recognize this donation, the pedway linking the campus buildings on the east and west sides of 109 Street has been renamed SAMU Way.

“I am so proud that our students’ association has made this commitment to our students,” says Myles Dykes, the SAMU president. “It is often challenging for some to meet the financial needs of being a post-secondary student. Through this contribution to the SAMU Cares Endowment Fund, we hope to ensure that everyone who wants to learn and be a part of the MacEwan community will be able to do so if they need some extra financial help.”

The SAMU Cares Endowment Fund is a bursary program that supports students in a financial crisis and enables them to continue their studies without interruption due to financial challenges they have encountered. 

A closeup shot of the new pillar on the pedway with the name SAMU Way, and a plaque explaining why the name has been given to the location.

A plaque and commemorative pillar now mark both the eastern and western entrances to SAMU Way over 109 Street.

“This donation is a symbol of the ongoing and close relationship between SAMU and MacEwan – and that we are truly a community that cares,” says Dr. Annette Trimbee, president and vice-chancellor. “We are both working toward a common goal – supporting our students in their post-secondary journey – and this donation will make a real difference in the lives of many students.”

The fund was formerly known as the Adopt-a-Family fund when it was established in 2012. Over the years, it has helped more than 400 students stay in school by assisting them with financial support. The $1 million donation will allow for an additional $40,000 to be available to students annually, effectively doubling the amount of funding currently available through the fund. SAMU officials will collect applications from students in need and determine the amounts to be disbursed to individual students.

“Investing in scholarships, awards and bursaries in support of students continues to be one of the university’s ongoing priorities,” added Trimbee. “Contributions from partners like SAMU are invaluable in furthering these efforts. We are all involved in teaching greatness, and SAMU’s donation teaches us all about the importance of supporting others.”

The pedway over 109 Street is used by hundreds of students and employees at MacEwan every day. To acknowledge this gift, the pedway is now clearly marked as SAMU Way with commemorative pillars that are inspired by MacEwan’s signature towers.

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