There’s more to university than coursework and studying.

Join a student club, present at a conference, enter a contest, travel abroad, volunteer for a group you’re passionate about. When you participate in activities that take you outside of the classroom, you make friends, gain valuable experience and even boost your resumé.

Get involved. Get skills. Get recognized.

When you participate in outside-the-classroom activities you develop skills and gain experiences that make employers sit up and take notice. These activities all contribute to your student experience record (SER), a university-recognized document that captures your unique academic journey. Learn more about SER on MacEwanLife.

So many groups to choose from!
Join a club that interests you—or start your own. The Students' Association of MacEwan University (SAMU) hosts over 100 groups, including alliances, clubs and grad committees. Each group offers extra-curricular activities while celebrating MacEwan’s diverse community.
students decorating SAMU bags outdoors SAMU Student groups
The world is your classroom
New perspectives. International networks. Lifelong friendships. When you study at a partner university in another country, the skills you learn and the people you meet open doors to a whole new world.
student in russia Study abroad